Güdpod Compostable Coffee Capsules

Revolutionary compostable coffee pods with a 24 month shelf-life guarantee.

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An Opportunity For Güd...

Consumers are increasingly concerned by the tremendous waste of single-use plastic, aluminum, and their harmful effects on the environment. Güdpod Compostable Capsules deliver all the quality and convenience of single-serve brewing platforms in a 100% compostable format you can feel good about using at home or in the office.

Why Güdpod Compostable Coffee Capsules?

Compatible with leading single-serve coffee and specialty beverage platforms, your coffee pods no longer require disassembly or rinsing with Güdpod Compostables. Simply pop your capsule out of the machine, and place in your designated commercial composting container. 

gudpod keurig and nespresso compatible compostable coffee pods
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How It All Breaks Down...

Güdpod® compostable Keurig® and Nespresso® compatible pods boast a tri-layer superior oxygen barrier to keep moisture out and freshness in. Secure brand real estate with biodegradable food grade ink on our 24-month commercially compostable pods. BPI certified, premium quality guarantee.

Premium Turn-Key Manufacturing

Bring your brand to life with Gudpod® Premium Manufacturing.

We offer comprehensive manufacturing services including, R&D formulation, Roasting, Grinding, Packaging and Fulfillment.

Contact us to learn more how Retailers and Roasters are partnering with Güdpod to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and grow sales.

Güdpod® Compostable Capsules Are Certified by the Most Rigorous International Certification Agencies

Why Güdpod® Compostables vs. Traditional Plastic or Aluminum Coffee Pods?

Güdpod® Compostables

Fully biodegrade within 90 days in commercial compost facilities

Plastic & Aluminum

Güdpod® Compostables

Composed of 100% renewable resources

Plastic & Aluminum

Güdpod® Compostables

No interaction with non-renewable or non-compostable materials

Plastic & Aluminum

Güdpod® Compostables

Triple layer true oxygen, light, and moisture barrier

Plastic & Aluminum

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Our Commitment

What The World Is Saying..

"I've tried other compostable pods, and they were quite messy. These are so easy to use and I'm pleased with the hard bottom capsule. Great invention!"

Daniel A.

"The medium roast is the perfect blend of coffee. It's so smooth, but still has a robust flavor. In love! "

Louise B.

"The coffee is so good and I keep telling everyone they HAVE to get these. Such a small change that makes a huge difference for the environment with no spared flavor. Kudos!."

Carmine L

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